Crypto Slayer
Crypto Slayer
Crypto Slayer Official Whitepaper, last update December 2021


It is an auto RPG game, NFT play to earn, where players will have the ability to earn tokens while playing and contribute to the game's ecosystem.
In this exciting game you will be able to face battles player vs player or player vs environment, and make expeditions while you enjoy this game generating income.
The world of Crypto Slayer has gone through many events that force the inhabitants to train as strong warriors in order to survive against demonic forces.
Later we will tell you about the lore of our world.


We want to be a cutting-edge project in the NFT scene, adapting entertaining, high-quality content for everyone, with excellent support and becoming a great investment opportunity.


Provide a fun adventure with a stable economy, which gives us the ability to be a fun and reliable project.
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